Blue lace

Pim Larkin blue lace top

Short shorts
$76 –

Leather sandals
$64 –

After giving it a lot of thought I finally decided on the color and size of a Pashli bag. I was considering medium since mini seemed a little too small, but medium was way to large for my everyday needs so at the end mini won. I generally do not carry a lot of stuff with me, especially because I always have a laptop bag with me where I can fit any extras. Basically what I need are my credit cards, compact powder, lipstick, phone, car keys, kindle and occasional extras. And mini Pashli even allows me to carry my husband’s wallet and his car keys.

Next was the color – I really liked the ink color, maybe more than the taupe, but the taupe seems more versatile and also goes better with navy and half of my wardrobe is some sort of navy. Ink color would look better standalone but would blend in with my wardrobe. I even took a walk down to Barney’s at my lunch break to have a chance to check out both colors in person, side by side.

So the bag is small enough not to be bulky, yet large enough to satisfy my personal needs. The zippers on the side allow you to make it more roomy when needed. The only downsides are only one inner pocket and shoulder strap that is too ling, so when you shorten it, the tail sticks out quite a bit. I tried tucking it in but it loops out unattractively. I am thinking of cutting it down.

The leather is very sturdy and not easily scratched which is a great thing for a girl on the go. Hardware seems reliable enough and opens fairly easy, although I keep it unclasped a lot for easier access.

Originally the bag was inspired by motorcycle bag so it has an air of casuality about it and goes well with dressiercoutfits as well as army boots and jeans. Very versatile bag indeed.

Overall I’d give it 4.5 stars for difficult access. P

Sky blue

Pim Larkin lace top

Fendi leather purse

Blue earrings

Cleopatra style earings

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Shopping

My antique shop finding – a pair of Cleopatra-esque earings

I fell in love with those the moment I saw them. Not sure what stone it us, but the metal is 925 silver. I much admire the design and the unique look

J. Crew Aficionada

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Shopping, Wardrobe

Last Sunday my wonderful husband took me to J. Crew to check out their spring arrivals. I vowed to myself not to shop during Lent but could not resist the temptation of 50% off. Here are my purchases:

And of course I found something for my boys as well. A baby blue polo shirt for my husband (unfortunately picture does not do it justice) and a pair of navy blue slacks for my son:

The scarves are very thin and flowy, the t-shirt just thin enough but not too thin to be uncomfortable, the shirt has just enough stretch in it, and the clutches look like I will get enough wear of them this spring and summer.
Overall a very successful shopping day.

Fluted skirts

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I stopped by Banana Republic during lunch. They are having 40% off sale on the entire purchase with very few exclusions.

I got a couple of fluted skirts, one gorgeous in black and whote stripes and the second one with metalic thread in it.

Normally I do not like anything shiny, but this skirt looked pretty nice and I blame giving in on pregnancy hormones:)

Both skirts are in size 0. I was going to get a 2 to be on the safe side, after I deliver but read those skirts run a little too large.

Gamine #6

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Style, Wardrobe
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Gamine #6

Lace top

Red pantyhose

Blue skirt
$33 –

Gucci saddle bag
$1,740 –

Casual chic

Short sleeve shirt
$30 –

TIBI leather jacket

Carvela Kurt Geiger yellow shoes
$165 –

5 key pieces to try in spring 2014

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Style
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5 key pieces to try in spring 2014

Pinafore dress
$58 –

Grey shirt
$57 –

  1. Pinafore dress
  2. Graphic sweatshirt
  3. Combat boots
  4. Ballerina wrap sweater
  5. Oversized raglan sleeve cardigan