French striped sailor shirt

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Style
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Breton sailor shirt collage

One of the must have in any wardrobe is a french naval striped shirt. I have a variety of striped shirts, most of them in classic cream/navy combination. Striped shirts are definitely one of my favorite wardrobe staples, in spite of its bad reputation due to its tendency to visually widen your silhuette but I cannot resist it’s charm anyway!

French striped sailor shirt originated from French sailors’ uniform, originally made by Saint-James, French company that started making striped sailor shirts. I also read somewhere that even before Saint-James stripes were worn by American prisoners, symbolizing prizon cell bars, therefore being considered embarrassing. Later, in 1917, Coco Chanel admired so much the shirt’s simplicity and charm and made it part of her wardrobe. Chanel was the one who introduced the shirt into the world of fashion and thanks to her I am enjoying wearing it today.

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