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There are a number of style icons from the past I admire greatly, such as Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and others. But there are also a few modern women whose style fascinates me.

One of them is Queen Rania of Jordan

She is a classic beauty whose style is very simple, polished and chic. And I love the colors she uses and how she uses them, beautiful neutrals with occasional pop of color. She really knows who she is and what suits her personality, body type, and social position.

Another one is Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Another beauty with a perfect sense of self and great style.


I have my own list of favorite classics that I cannot live without, which I narrowed down to 15 items.

Trench coat – one can never have too many trench coats. At least two are a must, the khaki one and a black one. Classic trench can go with any outfit, or server as an outfit by itself. If I need to come out and do not want to spend much time getting ready, I simply throw on my trench over whatever I am wearing and slip into a pair of black pumps and I look and feel fabulous.
Good blazer – could be any versatile blazer in neutral color. I have two favorites: a coffee colored tweed J. Crew blazer and a cotton navy blazer from Gap

Neutral t-shirt: black, white, nude t-shirt or tank – I am not a fan of a popular crisp white shirt, so I prefer replacing it with a plain white or flesh-colored t-shirt or tank top.
Striped shirt – This is my personal favorite of all times, I have a number of striped shirts in different colors and styles
cashmere cardigan, sweater, sweater set

LBD – out of many available styles I prefer knee length boatneck sheath
Princess seam sundress – summer just would not be the same without my Nine West black and white princess seam sundress. I also have another one, in purple and white.

Pencil skirt – my favorite is Theory navy wool skirt
Trouser jeans – Recently we were allowed to wear jeans to work, but even though, I prefer trouser jeans to regular bootcut jeans for the office. They just create much more polished, professional look that I love.
Wool trousers
White pants – the most versatile item I have in my wardrobe, the number of combos I can create with those white pants is endless.

Neutral pumps – there are two neutral colors for pumps I prefer – black and nude. Nude I like to wear either barefoot or with flesh-colored stockings to visually elongate my legs, and black with black opaque stockings or pants for the same reason.
Knee boots
Ankle booties

Pearls – I have a string of pearls and a pair of akoya pearl studs I could not possibly survive without. When it comes to pearls, my motto is “when in doubt – wear pearls”. I can hardly think of anything that does not go with simple white pearls. Simple, understated, neutral – what more could a grl ask for?