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I have an unhealthy passion for striped tops. It comes from the time when I was skinny with narrow shoulders and only benefitted from wearing them. Now, when my body suffered a temporarily setback caused by pregnancy, I need to be more careful and so I try to minimimize the negative effect of striped tops by “breaking” the horizontal stripes by wearing either a heavy pendant necklace (like on photos 7 and 8), or a scarf, or simply a blazer to create more slimming look


Lately I keep wondering more and more about the versatility of black pumps. it seems to me they are not as versatile as most people believe. Take for example basic colors: black does not look good with navy or brown, then if we take bright colors, personally, I’d prefer nude pumps or perhaps silver or other metallic. With white I like to take an opportunity to wear bright shoes. So that leaves a lot fewer options for pairing up with black shoes even though I love them dearly.

For example today I’ve worn my black pumps with white pants, black t-shirt, and camel cardigan and added a bright silk scarf in orange to liven up my face, since black near the face is not an option for my skin tone.

Camel is pretty much the only color, besides the black itself, that I like to pair up with black shoes. So, if you think about it, the versatility of a black shoe is questionable. IMO

This silver bone cuff is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Another one I love as much is probably asscher cut diamond uternity cross.
Silver bone cuff bracelet

It is so simple and classic


Posted: March 10, 2011 in Accessories, Shopping

Got two pairs of Cole Haan sunglasses for me and my sister. The only shape that truly suits our faces – oval. My sister’s birthday is in a few weeks and I hope she loves those as much as I do