Posted: April 11, 2011 in Style
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French Connection cap sleeve top
22 GBP –

Mod coat
$90 –

GAP stretch denim jeans
$70 –

Diane von Furstenberg platform shoes
$255 –

Old Navy open toe shoes
$25 –

Strap bag
$35 –

Sterling silver jewelry
725 EUR –

The origin of the word is French, and it initially meant “urchin.” Applied to style, it refers to the iconic look,
defined by a boyish, youthful, naive style; it is always somewhat playful and mischievous but never frilly.
When I think about Gamine, always Audrey Tautou comes to mind in “Coco before Chanel” – simple classic pieces that are functional rather then decorative, everything having its purpose, carrying essense of menswear
but is very feminine at the same time. It’s all about finding balance between practicality of menswear, boyshness and coy femininity.

Key pieces:

Striped sailor bateau top
Classic trench
Quilted bag
Capri pants
Baby doll dress
Boyfriend blazer
Wedge sandals
Cigarette pants


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