Belize asymmetrical dress

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Shopping, Wardrobe
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In anticipation of upcoming vacation I started planing my wardrobe. Since we are going for 10 days and have a limited space in our suitcases (try travaling with a toddler), I need to keep my wardrobe to a minimum but be able to look appropriate for any occasion.
So there was this strapless sun dress I was contemplating of buying for a month now and kept deciding against it. But today I figured that its versatility could be of use to me this winter in Riviera Maya.

So I went online to place an order on it and there was only 3 dresses left, 1 in size 0, and 2 in size 2. I put size 2 in my basket and by the time i was ready for a checkout (30 seconds), there was only one dress left in size 2. I literally bought the last dress. Luckily I made it just on time.

belize asymmetrical dress

I absolutely love its simplicity and versatility. It can be worn with beach sandals for walks on the beach or casual lunch. And if accessorized with a pair of heels and a belt, it could suffice for a dressier function.

belize asymmetrical dress

belieze asymmetrical dress

by getting this dress I just saved myself considerable suitcase space that can now be occupied by my toddler’s things.


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