You are what you wear book review

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Book Reviews

I’d say the book is more about psychology then about clothing. It talks a lot about different psychological issues people have and how it is reflected on their wardrobe. Personally that’s what I expected but I expected it on much deeper level, much more complicated and much more enticing.

Intro chapter is a questionnaire to get you to think about who dressed you when you were little, who started your style, basically, and to analyze what is in your closet.

Intro is followed by nine chapters, each of which describes a particular type of a person with an issue and what type of clothes or what shopping style they tend to take on. One chapter is about someone who does not dress their age, another – someone who wear clothing that is too revealing, another just buys everything they see if it is on sale, whether they need it or not, then one more is about someone who wears baggy clothes to cover the body they hate and one who is obsessed with labels, etc.

The book does not really supply any real advice to anyone who does not fit those criteria or does not provide information on how to “read” people based on their clothing, beyond the common sense.

Personally, I would not recommend this book from either psychology or wardrobe perspective, but I guess every book has its audience.


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