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Here are my favorite 5 pieces for the spring:

5 key pieces to try in Spring 2013

  1. Shirtdress

  2. Nude skinny jeans

  3. Over the knee socks

  4. Army jacket
  5. Oversized scarf

What are yours?


Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Wardrobe
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On Valentine’s we did not make prior reservations so it was impossible to find a table anywhere, so we ended up grabbing a bottle of one of our favorite wines and going to our favorite little Japanese place. It is always open, there is always a table and the food is time tested:)

Dress – H&M

Tights – Asos

Shoes – Cole Haan

I will begin with saying that this collaboration for the most part the best in quality compared to Jason Wu and other Target and Macy’s collaborations from last year. There were some polyester things but at least not all the collection; most pieces are made of decent cotton and are pleasant to the touch.

Now here is my review of each and every one of my pre-selected pieces:

The cardigan above was available in all the stores in all sizes but I have decided against buying it since this type of blue is not really my color plus the quality was average and I figurd it will only collect dust in my closet.

The shirtdress was not available in the nearby stores and I tried looking it up online, saw that it was polyester and at first decided against it. Then I found out a store next to my mom carried it so I packed up my son and got in the car. When I got to the store there were 3 shirt dresses left in XS, M, and XL. Xl was snatched by another woman while I was grabbing XS. Thought of grabbing M as well, just in case XS is too small but didn’t.

So even though I was not 100% on getting it, after trying it on I fell in love with it and wanted to get another one for my sister. Even though it is 100% polyester and the solar is made of fake leather, the print is very slimming and elongating and the dress is so elegant and comfortable, you don’t want to take it off. By the time I got to the racks, medium was gone:(( I had to go to another store that carried it and managed to grab it in medium. Allelujah!

The black and white dress was all I expected – 98% cotton and 2% elastane, a bit stretchy, just like it should be, waist accentuating, pleasant to the touch, comfortable.

The skirt was adorable as well and fit me perfectly in both size 2 and 4.

This dress was a huge disappointment – the waist sits a bit high, plus the material is rather unpleasant and not for the summer – viscose with polyester lining. The color was the only thing that matched my expectations. Pass…

Both blouses were poor quality. The first one – just unpleasant, harsh to the touch material on the upper part (forgot the name), and peplum top felt rock hard and scratched my skin (not kidding)

The shoes, unfortunately, were not available online, so based on my experiences with other pieces, I have decided not to buy without knowing for sure whether r not they will be up to my standards.

My last pick – the jewelry were considerably larger than looked on the picture and the design of it is such that it needs to be dainty and not chunky.

So, to sum it up, I ended up getting 4 pieces: The black and white skirt and dress, nolita print shirtdress, and one piece I did’t pick out originally – flowery shorts. Based on the info on the web site, the shorts were out of stock in my area, but I found them unexpectedly in the same store as the shirtdress. They only had sizes 8 and up left but I managed to find size 6 in returned items bin and got that one. I wish I could get size 2 or at least 4, but maybe it’s better that way.

So here are my picks. There is some extensive bruising on my legs – a result of shopping with a toddler. Even though he slept in his stroller most of the time, he managed to throw a small (but vicious) tantrum at the beginning of our trip.

The new collaboration launches next Sunday, February 10th. I am all ready to go, holding on to my Target credit card. Below are my 9 favorite pieces.

This color block cardigan

An amazing shirtdress

Black and white dress

and black and white skirt

One more dress

I really think they should not have paired it up with blue heels, a pair of neutrals would be much more suitable, like flesh-colored sandals for instance

And a couple of blouses

Then those fabulous shoes:

My last pick: