Paris Street Style book review

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Paris Street Style

The first part of the books consists of interviews with the designers, trendsetters, art directors and others, mixed in with paragraphs on each classic item, such as trench coat, white shirt, pea coat, tropeziennes, etc.
That was for the first 6 chapters. For me it has gotten interesting around chapter 7 – most trends are broken down how to use them and how not to use them: leggins, capri pants, skinny pants, bermuda shorts,animal prints, cowboy boots, long skirts.

Followed by another wonderful chapter on denim: goes into details on how should each jean style fit, talks about skinny jean, boy jean, flared, white jean and more. Chapter 9 is on handbags, chapter 10 – little black dress. Found nothing new there.

This page below slightly puzzled me. Since it’s a fashion book, I expected the editors to do a bit more censoring. Hint: let paragraph

Loved chapters 11 and 12 on what to wear and not to wear with clear explanations on why or why not, for example not wearing wide pants cut too short and quilted jackets, while pearl necklace or a navy blue blazer is always a go to. Chapter 12 talks about what can you borrow from grandmother’s closet, nieces closet or work locker, safely, without damage you your style or reputation. For example borrowing a nice 60s coat from your grandma, a waistcoat from your boyfriend, denim skirt from your niece, from the professional’s locker – riding, boots, tango dancer’s pumps and my personal favorite – an army jacket.

Two last chapters, 13 and 14 talk about secondhand clothes and age appropriate trends.

Personally I’d buy the book for chapters 7,8, 11 and 12. Overall it was an interesting read.


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