On a Burberry trench quest

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Shopping, Wardrobe
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So I finally decided to get myself a Burberry trench. I did my research and spent many hours trying on different trenches to find The One.

I wanted the classic cut, mid-length, light khaki in color – Burberry calls this color the trench. Most coats I liked would come in 3 colors: black, honey, and trench. In reality I’d like one in every color but my budged does not allow that, so I’ve decided to go with my first choice.

Here are some photos of my Burberry trench journey:

I even tried on the packable trench, hoping it would be perfect for travel but didn’t like the material, plus size 2 was way too small.

Other trenches in size 2 were perfect but left little room for a thicker sweater which saleslady graciously provided. So, considering that I need to drive plus chase my 3-year-old, I have decided to go with Marystow in size 4.

This way I can wear it with a sweater and even add a lining if I choose to wear it during winter. Anyways, I am very happy with my new trench and it is going to be perfect addition to my wardrobe for the upcoming trip to Paris this September.


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