How to build a functional wardrobe step-by-step

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Style, Wardrobe
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Often I hear people complain “I have nothing to wear”. And those complaints mostly coming from those who possesses rather vast wardrobe then from those with a much more modest wardrobes. This is happening when ones wardrobe is not in fact functional. In a functional wardrobe most, if not all items “work” with one another and enable you to create countless combinations.

There are various approaches to creating a truly functional wardrobe, one of them is first putting together the “basics” and then adding other non-basic items. Personally, I prefer a different approach – building on a single item, in other words a top down approach.

One can start out with any item of clothing, any item at all. For instance take your favorite piece of clothing and decide what would go with it, what would create en elegant yet simple and comfortable outfit. What would dress it up? What would dress it down? How can you make that piece into an outfit for a party? Or how can you make it work appropriate? Or how to make it casual enough for a Saturday morning run to the corner market?

One thing to keep in mind – whenever you add another article of clothing, make sure it goes well with the existing ones. If it does not work with one of them, perhaps it should not be added at all.

In my example I’d like to start with my currently favorite sweater – Audrey jumper from Boden in berry color. I loved its neckline and texture and my husband got it for me this Christmas.

The sweater is rather boxy and thus calls for a non-boxy and non-baggy bottom to go with it. For a casual look I choose a pair of long capri pants and ballet flats.

Casual Set 1

For a dressier look I choose a pencil skirt with a pair of ankle booties.

Dressy Set 1

To complete a set I have added a peplum top and few more accessories. I can keep adding to it endlessly while most things can be worn interchangeably.

Functional Set 1


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