Wearing graphic t-shirts this spring

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Style, Wardrobe

Lately I have switched from plain basic t-shirts to the graphic ones. It seems like they make an outfit flightly more interesting. Personally, I prefer the ones with writing as opposed to images, and also the monochromatic ones in basic colors – white with black writing, grey with writing in white or black or black with white lettering. One in particular that has drawn my attention was “Girl on Fire” t-shirt, sold exclusively on net-a-porter.com. I am a fan of Hunger Games and the shirt seems like a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

CAPITOL COUTURE BY TRISH SUMMERVILLE Girl On Fire stretch-jersey T-shirt

I was actually about to purchase it a few weeks back when it was listed for $75 but yesterday the price fell to $38 and I bought it right away, using hotel WiFi from my St. Lucia hotel. Yes, I shop constantly, even while vacationing:)

Another cool t-shirt I ordered from ASOS, also in grey and black. Thinking of pairing it up with Abercrombie boyfriend jeans or my new Zara denim skater skirt

ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt with Beauty Fatale Print


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