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Peter Rabbit Collection for Gap

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Baby, Shopping
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I am absolutely charmed by new Peter Rabbit collection for Gap. Today I have been running all over the town visiting various Gap stores that carry the collection, to see if the clothes are as cute as they look on the internet. And they sure are!

Here is most of the collection for older kids:

My personal favorites are canvas sweater from the first screenshot (lower left corner), shawl-collar sweater from the second screenshot (upper right corner), and 2-in-1 parka from the last screenshot. I got those three plus an adorable pair of jeans. Cannot wait to pick up the little one from daycare so he could try them on!


Montessori toddler room decor

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Baby
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Finally got around to make some adjustments to Alejandro’s room decor.

Got my husband to lower down the bar in the closet, so that Alejandro had easy access to the clothes in case he needs to change. Then we went to IKEA and got plain wooden frames so I could frame a couple of Ale’s paintings; one that is his very first work he brought home from daycare, and another one I loved so much because it has Ale’s hand prints.

Now Alejandro can proudly observe his own art on the wall of his room.

We hung everything low, so it is at Alejandro’s eye level and does not make him feel uncomfortable or inferior.