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Rondini store is well hidden – one must enter one of the galleries in order to see it. In the vitrine there was a pair of tiniest tropeziennes one could imagine. I would love them for the little girl I am carrying but, unfortunatelly, the do not make them this small, the smallest size is 23. They measured my foot – I am 39 narrow in Rondini sizing.

While in Paris, I had only 2 pairs of shoes due to my determination to travel light: a pair of suede ankle boots and a pair of sporty flats. By all means not suitable for Saint‐Tropez! So our first stop had to be the Rondini store.

I was walking around the store picking out the style to try on as the girl approached me.

-“You cannot try them on by yourself”

-“What do you mean?”

-“This is not an exhibition, you cannot just pick up the shoes and try them on. We are supposed to help you”

That would be hard, I thought, since I had no clue what I wanted and was planning on going through loads of shoes. Also the girl seemed rude for such an expensive store. Plus what in the world does it mean they are supposed to help me try the shoes on?? Personally I am not a fan of people I don’t know touching me. I remember being very unhappy when saleslady at the lingery store trying to help me with trying on undergarments.

‐”What are you trying to say? Are you going to put them on my feet or something?” I was about to laugh in her face. I am really not a fan if strangers touching me and was not about to allow that simply for a pleasure of getting a pair of sandals, no matter how legendary they might be. I was close to walking out of the store and the only thing that made me stay put was my tired feet of a 6 weeks pregnant woman, that were earning for some comfort only sandals can provide.

‐”Yes, I have to put them on your feet”

So there we were, arguing back and forth, me trying to see if I understood the girl correctly. And yes, she did mean she will literally put the shoes on me. Was it any other store, I’d tell her where to go, but I was quite keen on getting a pair of tropeziennes from Rondini.

I had to make a choice and I’ve decided to give it a shot. The girls put some powder on the first pair and started slowly and carefully wriggling my foot in. About 2‐3 pairs and 10 minutes later I figured out why they do not let customers try the sandals on themselves ‐ people would simply destroy those divine creations by stretching out the delicate leather. There were also some adjustments to be made to customize the shoe to the foot and other little tricks.

So, to make a long story short, I finally saw why they do not allow customers try the shoes on – the shoes should be put on with extra precautions not to stretch the delicate leather.

I must say the sandals are heavenly and worth every penny. I was very happy I did not leave the store upon the saleslady’s strange request and rude conduct. Turns out she was not being rude, it’s just that customer service is not one of the strong points around here.

Hopefully this bit of info will help the future shoppers of the Rondini store. The store really has earned its name and I will definitely go back or at least order online. Also I cannot wait for our upcoming vacation to St. Lucia so I could wear my lovely sandals again