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J. Crew Aficionada

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Shopping, Wardrobe

Last Sunday my wonderful husband took me to J. Crew to check out their spring arrivals. I vowed to myself not to shop during Lent but could not resist the temptation of 50% off. Here are my purchases:

And of course I found something for my boys as well. A baby blue polo shirt for my husband (unfortunately picture does not do it justice) and a pair of navy blue slacks for my son:

The scarves are very thin and flowy, the t-shirt just thin enough but not too thin to be uncomfortable, the shirt has just enough stretch in it, and the clutches look like I will get enough wear of them this spring and summer.
Overall a very successful shopping day.


Gamine #6

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Style, Wardrobe
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Gamine #6

Lace top

Red pantyhose

Blue skirt
$33 –

Gucci saddle bag
$1,740 –

How to take care of leather sandals

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Misc, Wardrobe
  1. Do not store leather sandals in a plastic bag to avoid molding
  2. Clean the sandals with a damp cloth with a small amount of soap on it. It is best to use saddle soap. Dampen the cloth with water, apply a small amount of soap and rub the cloth to get a light lather
  3. Wipe the sandals with that cloth and then use another cloth to wipe away the soap very gently
  4. If there is any odor on the sandals, mix a bit of vinegar with some warm water and wipe the sandals with the mixture
  5. Sun dry the sandals
  6. Apply some mink oil onto the dry sandals and gently run it in with a piece of cloth. Never apply the oil directly, put it on the cloth and then work it into the sandals with the cloth

How do you wear your sweatshirt?

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Style, Wardrobe

Another piece of clothing that caught my attention is a plain sweatshirt. I have noticed it can be very well worn outside of the gym. One of the ways to wear it is with a pencil skirt, heels and a plain button up shirt. Pencil skirt, classic pumps and work shirt collar give a sweatshirt more of a business casual look. Very usefull when it comes to overly air-conditioned offices like mine.

Another way is to wear it with a flirty skater skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans. When worn with boyfriend jeans, it can look a bit frumpy, so I like to spice it up with a pair of colorful heels and a statement necklace.

Lately I have switched from plain basic t-shirts to the graphic ones. It seems like they make an outfit flightly more interesting. Personally, I prefer the ones with writing as opposed to images, and also the monochromatic ones in basic colors – white with black writing, grey with writing in white or black or black with white lettering. One in particular that has drawn my attention was “Girl on Fire” t-shirt, sold exclusively on I am a fan of Hunger Games and the shirt seems like a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

CAPITOL COUTURE BY TRISH SUMMERVILLE Girl On Fire stretch-jersey T-shirt

I was actually about to purchase it a few weeks back when it was listed for $75 but yesterday the price fell to $38 and I bought it right away, using hotel WiFi from my St. Lucia hotel. Yes, I shop constantly, even while vacationing:)

Another cool t-shirt I ordered from ASOS, also in grey and black. Thinking of pairing it up with Abercrombie boyfriend jeans or my new Zara denim skater skirt

ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt with Beauty Fatale Print

Often I hear people complain “I have nothing to wear”. And those complaints mostly coming from those who possesses rather vast wardrobe then from those with a much more modest wardrobes. This is happening when ones wardrobe is not in fact functional. In a functional wardrobe most, if not all items “work” with one another and enable you to create countless combinations.

There are various approaches to creating a truly functional wardrobe, one of them is first putting together the “basics” and then adding other non-basic items. Personally, I prefer a different approach – building on a single item, in other words a top down approach.

One can start out with any item of clothing, any item at all. For instance take your favorite piece of clothing and decide what would go with it, what would create en elegant yet simple and comfortable outfit. What would dress it up? What would dress it down? How can you make that piece into an outfit for a party? Or how can you make it work appropriate? Or how to make it casual enough for a Saturday morning run to the corner market?

One thing to keep in mind – whenever you add another article of clothing, make sure it goes well with the existing ones. If it does not work with one of them, perhaps it should not be added at all.

In my example I’d like to start with my currently favorite sweater – Audrey jumper from Boden in berry color. I loved its neckline and texture and my husband got it for me this Christmas.

The sweater is rather boxy and thus calls for a non-boxy and non-baggy bottom to go with it. For a casual look I choose a pair of long capri pants and ballet flats.

Casual Set 1

For a dressier look I choose a pencil skirt with a pair of ankle booties.

Dressy Set 1

To complete a set I have added a peplum top and few more accessories. I can keep adding to it endlessly while most things can be worn interchangeably.

Functional Set 1

So I finally decided to get myself a Burberry trench. I did my research and spent many hours trying on different trenches to find The One.

I wanted the classic cut, mid-length, light khaki in color – Burberry calls this color the trench. Most coats I liked would come in 3 colors: black, honey, and trench. In reality I’d like one in every color but my budged does not allow that, so I’ve decided to go with my first choice.

Here are some photos of my Burberry trench journey:

I even tried on the packable trench, hoping it would be perfect for travel but didn’t like the material, plus size 2 was way too small.

Other trenches in size 2 were perfect but left little room for a thicker sweater which saleslady graciously provided. So, considering that I need to drive plus chase my 3-year-old, I have decided to go with Marystow in size 4.

This way I can wear it with a sweater and even add a lining if I choose to wear it during winter. Anyways, I am very happy with my new trench and it is going to be perfect addition to my wardrobe for the upcoming trip to Paris this September.

Ash suede ankle booties

Just got myself a new pair of gorgeous Ash suede ankle booties. Their sizing is somewhat irregular – normally I am 7.5, sometimes 8, in European sizing it is 39. Ash boots, at least this particular style, do not have half sizes, so it was between 7 (38) or (39). I chose 8 because the measurement listed was closest to the measurement of my foot. Unfortunately when I received size 39, they were way to large and I had to exchange them for size 38 which fitted perfectly.

Ash suede ankle booties

Today I took the boots for a trial run – went with my family to a Please Touch museum, running after my 3-year-old, climbing a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland setup, playing golf with the flamingo’s and having tea with the Mad Hatter. Not a blister at the end of the day! Says something about the boots, doesn’t it?:)

Ash suede ankle booties

Ash suede ankle booties

Ash suede ankle booties

I saw online and fell in love with Cimarron jeans. They do not seem to be popular anywhere in North America and it is nearly impossible to find them anywhere and no less possible to get any information on sizing.

So normally i am between sizes 26 and 27, 27 fits a bit loose on me, so I figured I should get Cimarrons in size 27. I waited for July sales in Paris (those jeans are a bit pricey when you pay full price plus shipping) and got myself a pair in size 26 in Burgundy. I am crazy about burgundy and lately have been using it as one of my basic colors. Then, a few days later I read somewhere that Cimarron jeans run small, so I e-mailed the store and asked them to change my order to size up the jeans. They never replied and I was afraid they didn’t understand my rather limited French but luckily the pair that arrived was in size 27. Yay!
It took them forever to get here, I started to think it would be a better idea to ask either my sister, who was in Paris at the time, or my father, who was going there later, to pick them up from a store but I felt it was too much to ask since they were there for only shirt periods of time.

The jeans were more like stretchy pants and the color was not as vivid as it was on the website. The burgundy looked more like raspberry to me. In fact, you can see how similar the color is to the color of my raspberry heels on the picture. As for the sizing, Cimarron jeans should be ordered a size up, and if you are between the sizes, go 1.5 sizes up. I usually wear 26 but size 27 Cimarrons fit like a second skin.

Top – Ralph Lauren
Skirt – Prabal Gurung
Pumps – Zara
Purse – DKNY