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French Connection cap sleeve top
22 GBP –

Mod coat
$90 –

GAP stretch denim jeans
$70 –

Diane von Furstenberg platform shoes
$255 –

Old Navy open toe shoes
$25 –

Strap bag
$35 –

Sterling silver jewelry
725 EUR –

The origin of the word is French, and it initially meant “urchin.” Applied to style, it refers to the iconic look,
defined by a boyish, youthful, naive style; it is always somewhat playful and mischievous but never frilly.
When I think about Gamine, always Audrey Tautou comes to mind in “Coco before Chanel” – simple classic pieces that are functional rather then decorative, everything having its purpose, carrying essense of menswear
but is very feminine at the same time. It’s all about finding balance between practicality of menswear, boyshness and coy femininity.

Key pieces:

Striped sailor bateau top
Classic trench
Quilted bag
Capri pants
Baby doll dress
Boyfriend blazer
Wedge sandals
Cigarette pants



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Irwin Jordan pleated dress
165 GBP –

Dorothy Perkins high neck dress
32 GBP –

Windsmoor black coat
99 GBP –

Moschino cropped tweed jacket
402 GBP –

DKNY opaque stocking
$15 –

Theory pleated skirt
$255 –

Marc Jacobs patent pumps
295 CAD –

Jimmy Choo ballerina flat
$195 –

Mod is mainstream fashion style associated with the mid to late 1960s. It originated in London amongst working youth.
Mod is bold and graphic, it focuses on bright colors, exaggerated patterns, geometric shapes, and horizontal and vertical lines.
Color was used against black and white.
Think minimal, streamlined and bold. Eye popping accents like a bold-colored shoes or a simple coat topped off with a covered, oversized button, geometric cuts and boxy shapes.
Dresses, pants and skirts are a-line and slightly flared. Skirt waists were dropped to several inches below the natural waist,
and dresses often had no waist, had dropped waists or had empire styling. Wide pleats were popular on dresses and skirts,
but they always started at the hip, not the waist.
Dresses were worn with contrasting (or the ever-present black and white) opaque tights and brightly
colored shoes. The hemlines for dresses and skirts were either mid-thigh or just below the knee. Sailor-style pants were most popular.

Key pieces:
Black turtleneck with 3/4 length sleeves
Opaque tights
A-line dress with embellished neckline
Cropped and boxy or tent shaped jacket with large buttons
Bright-colored mini skirt
Sailor pants
A-line skirt that sits low on the hips
Ankle Boots
Balet flats
Round-toe pumps with chunky heel
Geometrically shaped earings and necklaces


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Miss Selfridge coral top
25 GBP –

Dresses dress skirt
$70 –

Stephen Dweck handcrafted ring
$238 –

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
73 GBP –

Generally, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. When talking about personal style, “Bohemian” is earthy, layered, loose, relaxed and natural. thnk gypsies or hippies in 60’s or 70’s
Essential fabrics are cotton and linen,flowing sihhouettes, mxi dresses and flared pants, with everything having weathered look, earthy colours, with lots of brown accessorized with organic jewelry.

Key pieces:

Peasant blouse
Empire waist dress with wide sleeves
Long flowing gypsy skirt
Large cocktail rings
Shell necklace
Gladiator sandals