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Rondini store is well hidden – one must enter one of the galleries in order to see it. In the vitrine there was a pair of tiniest tropeziennes one could imagine. I would love them for the little girl I am carrying but, unfortunatelly, the do not make them this small, the smallest size is 23. They measured my foot – I am 39 narrow in Rondini sizing.

While in Paris, I had only 2 pairs of shoes due to my determination to travel light: a pair of suede ankle boots and a pair of sporty flats. By all means not suitable for Saint‐Tropez! So our first stop had to be the Rondini store.

I was walking around the store picking out the style to try on as the girl approached me.

-“You cannot try them on by yourself”

-“What do you mean?”

-“This is not an exhibition, you cannot just pick up the shoes and try them on. We are supposed to help you”

That would be hard, I thought, since I had no clue what I wanted and was planning on going through loads of shoes. Also the girl seemed rude for such an expensive store. Plus what in the world does it mean they are supposed to help me try the shoes on?? Personally I am not a fan of people I don’t know touching me. I remember being very unhappy when saleslady at the lingery store trying to help me with trying on undergarments.

‐”What are you trying to say? Are you going to put them on my feet or something?” I was about to laugh in her face. I am really not a fan if strangers touching me and was not about to allow that simply for a pleasure of getting a pair of sandals, no matter how legendary they might be. I was close to walking out of the store and the only thing that made me stay put was my tired feet of a 6 weeks pregnant woman, that were earning for some comfort only sandals can provide.

‐”Yes, I have to put them on your feet”

So there we were, arguing back and forth, me trying to see if I understood the girl correctly. And yes, she did mean she will literally put the shoes on me. Was it any other store, I’d tell her where to go, but I was quite keen on getting a pair of tropeziennes from Rondini.

I had to make a choice and I’ve decided to give it a shot. The girls put some powder on the first pair and started slowly and carefully wriggling my foot in. About 2‐3 pairs and 10 minutes later I figured out why they do not let customers try the sandals on themselves ‐ people would simply destroy those divine creations by stretching out the delicate leather. There were also some adjustments to be made to customize the shoe to the foot and other little tricks.

So, to make a long story short, I finally saw why they do not allow customers try the shoes on – the shoes should be put on with extra precautions not to stretch the delicate leather.

I must say the sandals are heavenly and worth every penny. I was very happy I did not leave the store upon the saleslady’s strange request and rude conduct. Turns out she was not being rude, it’s just that customer service is not one of the strong points around here.

Hopefully this bit of info will help the future shoppers of the Rondini store. The store really has earned its name and I will definitely go back or at least order online. Also I cannot wait for our upcoming vacation to St. Lucia so I could wear my lovely sandals again


Ash suede ankle booties

Just got myself a new pair of gorgeous Ash suede ankle booties. Their sizing is somewhat irregular – normally I am 7.5, sometimes 8, in European sizing it is 39. Ash boots, at least this particular style, do not have half sizes, so it was between 7 (38) or (39). I chose 8 because the measurement listed was closest to the measurement of my foot. Unfortunately when I received size 39, they were way to large and I had to exchange them for size 38 which fitted perfectly.

Ash suede ankle booties

Today I took the boots for a trial run – went with my family to a Please Touch museum, running after my 3-year-old, climbing a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland setup, playing golf with the flamingo’s and having tea with the Mad Hatter. Not a blister at the end of the day! Says something about the boots, doesn’t it?:)

Ash suede ankle booties

Ash suede ankle booties

Ash suede ankle booties

Top – Ralph Lauren
Skirt – Prabal Gurung
Pumps – Zara
Purse – DKNY

One of my latest passions, wardrobe wise, is raspberry color. It started unexpectedly when I purchased a pair of gorgeous raspberry heels. From then on I can’t seem to be able to pass up anything in that shade, from raspberry all the way to burgundy.

Here I am wearing burgundy cashmere sweater, ASOS grey skirt, raspberry Via Spiga heels, and Hue raspberry opaque tights

And here we are with my pride and joy in the city, spending an afternoon on South Street

Raspberry dream

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Accessories, Shopping

My recent finding – Via Spiga Eileen suede pumps in raspberry. In reality it’s more purple then red, like it seems on the picture.

I am trying to put together a few outfits around those gorgeous shoes. Yellow dress? Grey knee length pencil skirt? Black? There are so many possibilities
Via Spiga Eileen pumps in raspberry suede

And here is a link to a beautiful story involving raspberry shoes:)

Today’s shopping

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Accessories, Shopping
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Had a beautiful day shopping, found those amazing Circa suede knee boots in greyish brown, Nine West grey peep-toe pumps. I also got lime green with olive Echo silk scarf to add a bit of color to my wardrobe.

The boots are just heavenly, they are so comfy, it’s almost unbelievable.

While at it, I tested out a new shade in colored opaque tights

Meet my saviors for this past summer – flesh-colored Franco Sarto sandals


Lately I keep wondering more and more about the versatility of black pumps. it seems to me they are not as versatile as most people believe. Take for example basic colors: black does not look good with navy or brown, then if we take bright colors, personally, I’d prefer nude pumps or perhaps silver or other metallic. With white I like to take an opportunity to wear bright shoes. So that leaves a lot fewer options for pairing up with black shoes even though I love them dearly.

For example today I’ve worn my black pumps with white pants, black t-shirt, and camel cardigan and added a bright silk scarf in orange to liven up my face, since black near the face is not an option for my skin tone.

Camel is pretty much the only color, besides the black itself, that I like to pair up with black shoes. So, if you think about it, the versatility of a black shoe is questionable. IMO

Shoe brands

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Accessories
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This morning I looked over the contents of my shoe cupboard and noticed that pretty much all of its contents are the same brands, year after year.
shoe cupboard

Cole Haan, Nine West, BCBGirls, Ralph Lauren, Via Spiga, Carlos Santana, Enzo Angiolini, Ettiene Aigner, Tahari, Charles David and Ellen Tracy.
shoe cupboard

Those are the brands that have the best fit for me and when shopping, even without looking at the brand I instinctively go for one of those brands.

When shopping for classic black pumps, it’s always Cole Haan or Nine West, all the comfortable high heeled boots that catch my eye almost always by Carlos Santana (I especially love those because part of the profits for them goes to Milagro educational fond for children), all the peep-toe pumps are either Via Spiga or BCBGirls, or Tahari. The only pair of flats I own is by Charles David. I purchased those when I was pregnant with my son and doctor recommended that I don’t wear heels.

Here are my favorite Cole Haan black pumps. The dressier ones on the right, and more casual ones with a rounded toe on the left.
black pumps

Below is something I simply cannot get get enough of – nude shoes. I am almost always on the hunt for a perfect pair of nude pumps. Left to right are Tahari peep toes, Enzo Angiolini nude pumps and buff sandals, Franco Sarto. Not my usual brand but the color is so close to my skin color, I look like I am barefoot when wearing them.
nude pumps

And here are my fun shoes in orange and yellow. Nine West two-tone peep toes and BCBGirls yellow peep toes I brough all the way from Hawaii (our local Macy’s stores only carried black and coffee colored ones).
fun shoes

And my fun Ralph Lauren orange wedges. They are surprisingly comfortable
orange wedges

And to close the list, here are my favorite brown shoes: Via Spiga sandals, Tahari peep-toes, and Charles David flats (my one and only pair:)).
brown shoes