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I started the New Year with another Burberry coat – a gorgeous Littleton coat in amazing dark navy color.

Long Frill Detail Trench Coat

On the website it looks a bit purple but in reality it is very deep navy color, almost black. I have learned that even the US Burberry site lists the UK sizes. I actually contacted the site to double-check and was told that US site would list US sizes which made sense to me. The only size that was left was size 8 and I was so in love with the coat, I decided to give it a shot (normally I am size 2, and my Burberry trench is size 4 so it is a bit loose, just enough for comfort. Size 8 would have been huge, even though it is a winter coat).

It turned out that US size in fact does list UK sizes, and UK size 8 is equivalent to US size 6. I ordered to store and when the coat arrived, it fit me perfectly! In fact, today, when I came out for my evening promenade, I was wearing a heavy sweater and the coat actually felt slightly tight in the shoulders. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and looking forward to wearing my beautiful new coat all winter.


Rondini store is well hidden – one must enter one of the galleries in order to see it. In the vitrine there was a pair of tiniest tropeziennes one could imagine. I would love them for the little girl I am carrying but, unfortunatelly, the do not make them this small, the smallest size is 23. They measured my foot – I am 39 narrow in Rondini sizing.

While in Paris, I had only 2 pairs of shoes due to my determination to travel light: a pair of suede ankle boots and a pair of sporty flats. By all means not suitable for Saint‐Tropez! So our first stop had to be the Rondini store.

I was walking around the store picking out the style to try on as the girl approached me.

-“You cannot try them on by yourself”

-“What do you mean?”

-“This is not an exhibition, you cannot just pick up the shoes and try them on. We are supposed to help you”

That would be hard, I thought, since I had no clue what I wanted and was planning on going through loads of shoes. Also the girl seemed rude for such an expensive store. Plus what in the world does it mean they are supposed to help me try the shoes on?? Personally I am not a fan of people I don’t know touching me. I remember being very unhappy when saleslady at the lingery store trying to help me with trying on undergarments.

‐”What are you trying to say? Are you going to put them on my feet or something?” I was about to laugh in her face. I am really not a fan if strangers touching me and was not about to allow that simply for a pleasure of getting a pair of sandals, no matter how legendary they might be. I was close to walking out of the store and the only thing that made me stay put was my tired feet of a 6 weeks pregnant woman, that were earning for some comfort only sandals can provide.

‐”Yes, I have to put them on your feet”

So there we were, arguing back and forth, me trying to see if I understood the girl correctly. And yes, she did mean she will literally put the shoes on me. Was it any other store, I’d tell her where to go, but I was quite keen on getting a pair of tropeziennes from Rondini.

I had to make a choice and I’ve decided to give it a shot. The girls put some powder on the first pair and started slowly and carefully wriggling my foot in. About 2‐3 pairs and 10 minutes later I figured out why they do not let customers try the sandals on themselves ‐ people would simply destroy those divine creations by stretching out the delicate leather. There were also some adjustments to be made to customize the shoe to the foot and other little tricks.

So, to make a long story short, I finally saw why they do not allow customers try the shoes on – the shoes should be put on with extra precautions not to stretch the delicate leather.

I must say the sandals are heavenly and worth every penny. I was very happy I did not leave the store upon the saleslady’s strange request and rude conduct. Turns out she was not being rude, it’s just that customer service is not one of the strong points around here.

Hopefully this bit of info will help the future shoppers of the Rondini store. The store really has earned its name and I will definitely go back or at least order online. Also I cannot wait for our upcoming vacation to St. Lucia so I could wear my lovely sandals again

In search of a perfect mattress

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Decor, Shopping

Finally we have decided it is time for a mattress upgrade. After careful consideration and endless trips to mattress stores and constant tryouts, we have narrowed down our selections to top 3 mattresses:

1) Sleeping Beauty Kristen Luxury Pillowtop – $$$

Sleeping Beauty Kristen Luxury Pillowtop Mattress

2) Sleep Options Cool Gel 13 inch Ultra Plush – $$

Sleep Options Cool Gell 13 inch Ultra Plush Mattress

3) Sleep Number P5 – $$$

Sleep Number P5 Mattress

I must say, it was a tough choice since all 3 had their advantages and all 3 were heavenly comfortable. The downside for the Sleep Number was many bad reviews and complaints about finding mold on the inside after about 2 years of use. So far I am yet to find complaints about the first two choices so we took Sleep Number off the list, besides, both of us prefer roughly the same firmness so no need for adjustment offered by Sleep Number.

Another thing was that Sleepy’s offered free old mattress removal and free delivery, in addition to a frame bed which took weight of our shoulders and a need to get mattress springs.

We finally chose the Sleeping Beauty which is exclusive to Sleepy’s, and has better side support than the Sleep Options one.

The mattress was delivered this Saturday and it is indeed heavenly! I would highly recommend both the Sleeping Beauty as well as Cool Sleep Options, definitley the best ones outhere. Worth every penny!

I saw online and fell in love with Cimarron jeans. They do not seem to be popular anywhere in North America and it is nearly impossible to find them anywhere and no less possible to get any information on sizing.

So normally i am between sizes 26 and 27, 27 fits a bit loose on me, so I figured I should get Cimarrons in size 27. I waited for July sales in Paris (those jeans are a bit pricey when you pay full price plus shipping) and got myself a pair in size 26 in Burgundy. I am crazy about burgundy and lately have been using it as one of my basic colors. Then, a few days later I read somewhere that Cimarron jeans run small, so I e-mailed the store and asked them to change my order to size up the jeans. They never replied and I was afraid they didn’t understand my rather limited French but luckily the pair that arrived was in size 27. Yay!
It took them forever to get here, I started to think it would be a better idea to ask either my sister, who was in Paris at the time, or my father, who was going there later, to pick them up from a store but I felt it was too much to ask since they were there for only shirt periods of time.

The jeans were more like stretchy pants and the color was not as vivid as it was on the website. The burgundy looked more like raspberry to me. In fact, you can see how similar the color is to the color of my raspberry heels on the picture. As for the sizing, Cimarron jeans should be ordered a size up, and if you are between the sizes, go 1.5 sizes up. I usually wear 26 but size 27 Cimarrons fit like a second skin.

The new collaboration launches next Sunday, February 10th. I am all ready to go, holding on to my Target credit card. Below are my 9 favorite pieces.

This color block cardigan

An amazing shirtdress

Black and white dress

and black and white skirt

One more dress

I really think they should not have paired it up with blue heels, a pair of neutrals would be much more suitable, like flesh-colored sandals for instance

And a couple of blouses

Then those fabulous shoes:

My last pick:

Peter Rabbit Collection for Gap

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Baby, Shopping
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I am absolutely charmed by new Peter Rabbit collection for Gap. Today I have been running all over the town visiting various Gap stores that carry the collection, to see if the clothes are as cute as they look on the internet. And they sure are!

Here is most of the collection for older kids:

My personal favorites are canvas sweater from the first screenshot (lower left corner), shawl-collar sweater from the second screenshot (upper right corner), and 2-in-1 parka from the last screenshot. I got those three plus an adorable pair of jeans. Cannot wait to pick up the little one from daycare so he could try them on!

Neiman Marcus for Target

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Shopping
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Yesterday I finally went to Target to check out Neiman Marcus collection. On the web it looked a lot better than up close and personal. The only thing I liked (very unexpectedly) was Carolina Herrera’s travel cases. I really liked the bigger one (not so much two smaller ones), it reminded me of M.C. Escher’s style. Everything else looked cheap and poorly made.

I actually went to check out two things in particular – Diane Von Furstenberg’s yoga mat for my sister (who teaches yoga on the side) and cute on the photo, but not so much in reality, Proenza Schouler’s iPad case sleeve for my mother-in-law (she loves her iPad).

I was a bit disappointed since I was really counting on this collection in terms of Christmas presents.

Time to start building summer wardrobe for my little one and this year I have chosen H&M as my main source. We need tons of t-shirts, 5-6 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of long pants, preferably linen or linen and cotton blend, and at least 2 pairs of jeans.

My first purchase was wildly unsuccessful since H & M kids sizing is way off and my son is on a smaller side – he is 23 months and wears 18 months clothes. So when buying shorts from H & M, I decided to get 12-18 months size since I had to get them without having the luxury of trying it on him. Turns out size 12-18 months was enormous and there is no way he could wear them, even if i buckle them up on the smallest setting. So, with tears in my eyes I had to return two gorgeous pairs of shorts in neutral colors.

I had more luck with the two t-shirts I got in size 12-18 months

Next time I had to take Alejandro with me so i could at least put the clothes against him to see whether it’s a good fit. We ended up getting shorts in size 2-4 months (???), 4-6, and 6-9 months, and some t-shirts in sizes 6-9 and 9-12 months. I was shocked to find out that size 2-4 shorts from H & M is equivalent to at least 12 months in US baby sizes. Wow!

I got a whole bunch of neutral onesies, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of long shorts with suspenders. Too cute! I also picked up a t-shirt with AC/DC on it, which ought to make my husband happy:)