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So I finally decided to get myself a Burberry trench. I did my research and spent many hours trying on different trenches to find The One.

I wanted the classic cut, mid-length, light khaki in color – Burberry calls this color the trench. Most coats I liked would come in 3 colors: black, honey, and trench. In reality I’d like one in every color but my budged does not allow that, so I’ve decided to go with my first choice.

Here are some photos of my Burberry trench journey:

I even tried on the packable trench, hoping it would be perfect for travel but didn’t like the material, plus size 2 was way too small.

Other trenches in size 2 were perfect but left little room for a thicker sweater which saleslady graciously provided. So, considering that I need to drive plus chase my 3-year-old, I have decided to go with Marystow in size 4.

This way I can wear it with a sweater and even add a lining if I choose to wear it during winter. Anyways, I am very happy with my new trench and it is going to be perfect addition to my wardrobe for the upcoming trip to Paris this September.


Here are my favorite 5 pieces for the spring:

5 key pieces to try in Spring 2013

  1. Shirtdress

  2. Nude skinny jeans

  3. Over the knee socks

  4. Army jacket
  5. Oversized scarf

What are yours?

the wardrobe wakeup

Pretty interesting book but, seems like it is oriented more towards older generations as some advice does not seem suitable for younger women. Don’t get me wrong, it is not outdated, just the advice given would not be useful or age appropriate for all.

I think the book was meant for women of more advanced age who are transitioning from more youthful wardrobe to wardrobe that is more mature and age appropriate. Sometimes the transition is due to age, sometimes due to major life changes, one example would be a transition from being a working woman to becoming a housewife. Different lifestyle, different activities, different schedule requires updating or revamping your wardrobe.

So now on to more detailed review: author recommends to wear same color head-to-toe for a longer, slimmer look. While it will price the look promised, personally, I find it’s a good look for a woman after 40, and most younger women would find it slightly boring. The part I liked about this recommendation was that the author does not mean wearing only one color, but to pick a basic color and wear it head-to-toe but not without additional colors. For instance take example straight from the book – a woman wearing gray pants, striped gray and navy sweater and navy scarf, while the main color is gray, it is not the only color used in the outfit.

Next, the author suggests to arrange all clothing in your closet by color, regardless of the type or the season, then, as the next step, put like items together, like all the jackets, all the pants etc.
Personally I find this advice iffy and believe more in arranging your clothing first by season, then by type: work, active, casual, formal, followed by type, and the color arrangement is last on my list. Nevertheless I had fun trying out the author’s recommendation and did get some interesting outfit ideas out of it.

Then the book talks about “editing” your wardrobe, altering, layering, mixing prints, adding belts, and going over each item such as blouses, cardigans, dresses, pants, etc., offering some advice on each. The advice is kind of general, mostly geared towards average body type – not too tall, not too slim etc.

Then follows the advice on dressing for less, how and what to buy so that you spend less without looking cheap. For example buying black, brown and red, sticking to basics and clean shapes egoc.

A pretty good advice given, in my opinion, was buying seasonless items: cropped jeans, classic trench coat, long tanks, dark neutral pencil skirt, nude shoes, cashmere v-necks, 3/4 sleeve cardigans, white cotton shirts and more.

Then there is a list of “style types” that slightly differ from conventional style types found in each and every style book: the babe, the classic, the yo-yo dresser, the label lover, the comfort queen, and the trend-ista, with a list of advice for each type, followed by some examples.

At the end of the book there is a list of 8 designers most people buy from at any age throughout their whole life and a chapter on accessories.

Overall not a bad book at all, especially for those over 40.

Today was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed magical half an hour on the balcony before going to Mass.
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We did not actually make it to Mess due to our church being overcrowded. First time we cam there was not parking, second time we found parking but there were no places to sit and Alejandro didn’t like us standing up and started crying, so we had to retreat very quickly.
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It’s been a great holiday weekend with homemade Easter bread, colored eggs, family visits and time outdoors. Especially I enjoyed being able to put away my warm clothes and put on my Zara striped boatneck and red ASOS skirt. It was also nice not to wear heavy winter boots for a change:)

Lately I have been strongly drawn to pleated skirts, especially the ones below the knee, with small pleats. Pleated skirt is a surprisingly versatile piece of clothing, you can wear it with just about anything.

I recently purchased Jason Wu one from Target and it is adorable but on a short side – few inches above the knee.

I have been checking out many different ways to wear a pleated skirt and here are my preferred ones:

1)Colorful skirt with a striped shirt


2) Basic color skirt with bright opaque tights

ASOS, $62.67

3) Bright skirt with a contrasting or neutral skinny belt

4) Bright skirt with a neutral tank top

5) Neutral skirt with a bright tank top paired with a belted cardigan

6) Bright skirt with a flesh-colored top with a white or navy blazer

Zara, $39.99

In preparation for my upcoming vacation I made a list of 10 items I will take for 10 day trip

1) Long sun dress – Blue Moon Belize asymmetrical dress

2) Short dress – H&M cotton dress with a-line skirt

3) Mini skirt – Abercrombie & Fitch mini skirt in navy

4) Pair of shorts – Diane von Furstenberg pleated shorts in tan

5) Dark top – Dressy Barney’s top in navy

6) Light top – White silk cowlneck top

7) Simple white tank – Abercrombie & Fitch

8) Jean jacket – Jou jou jean jacket for cooler evenings that goes with everything else on my list

9) My favorite bathing suit in orange and purple

10) Capri pants – the jean capri I bought in Buenos Aires – they still fit!

In addition tot he above I will take a pair of flip flops and a pair of nude sandals. Also i think I will cheat a little bit and throw in an extra skirt and my Brazilian bathing suit either in pink or in white

Meet my saviors for this past summer – flesh-colored Franco Sarto sandals


I have an unhealthy passion for striped tops. It comes from the time when I was skinny with narrow shoulders and only benefitted from wearing them. Now, when my body suffered a temporarily setback caused by pregnancy, I need to be more careful and so I try to minimimize the negative effect of striped tops by “breaking” the horizontal stripes by wearing either a heavy pendant necklace (like on photos 7 and 8), or a scarf, or simply a blazer to create more slimming look

I have my own list of favorite classics that I cannot live without, which I narrowed down to 15 items.

Trench coat – one can never have too many trench coats. At least two are a must, the khaki one and a black one. Classic trench can go with any outfit, or server as an outfit by itself. If I need to come out and do not want to spend much time getting ready, I simply throw on my trench over whatever I am wearing and slip into a pair of black pumps and I look and feel fabulous.
Good blazer – could be any versatile blazer in neutral color. I have two favorites: a coffee colored tweed J. Crew blazer and a cotton navy blazer from Gap

Neutral t-shirt: black, white, nude t-shirt or tank – I am not a fan of a popular crisp white shirt, so I prefer replacing it with a plain white or flesh-colored t-shirt or tank top.
Striped shirt – This is my personal favorite of all times, I have a number of striped shirts in different colors and styles
cashmere cardigan, sweater, sweater set

LBD – out of many available styles I prefer knee length boatneck sheath
Princess seam sundress – summer just would not be the same without my Nine West black and white princess seam sundress. I also have another one, in purple and white.

Pencil skirt – my favorite is Theory navy wool skirt
Trouser jeans – Recently we were allowed to wear jeans to work, but even though, I prefer trouser jeans to regular bootcut jeans for the office. They just create much more polished, professional look that I love.
Wool trousers
White pants – the most versatile item I have in my wardrobe, the number of combos I can create with those white pants is endless.

Neutral pumps – there are two neutral colors for pumps I prefer – black and nude. Nude I like to wear either barefoot or with flesh-colored stockings to visually elongate my legs, and black with black opaque stockings or pants for the same reason.
Knee boots
Ankle booties

Pearls – I have a string of pearls and a pair of akoya pearl studs I could not possibly survive without. When it comes to pearls, my motto is “when in doubt – wear pearls”. I can hardly think of anything that does not go with simple white pearls. Simple, understated, neutral – what more could a grl ask for?

J. Crew basics

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Shopping, Wardrobe

Went to J. Crew with hubby and kinder, got some basic t-shirts, tank tops and apricot colored Jackie cardigan.
J. Crew basics